Professional sports leagues and unions serve to protect players on and off the field. Despite good intentions, they are not arming the players with the education and tools needed to manage their lives. There is no focus on preparing the players for the crises, financial power, and scrutiny they will find themselves dealing with. The current system falls far short in preparing them for life after football. The results are unfavorable.




The transition to a life after sports for student-athletes is inevitable. The challenge of transitioning into the real world can be daunting for athletes who have been conditioned in regimented practices since they were kids. All athletes are different and therefore the roads that they take during their transition are as well.  Transitioning can be challenging for athletes, but does not have to be.  



Helping current/retired athletes excel on-and-off the field by advising them on how to transition into life after professional sports.



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Chris played football at the University of Texas where he won the national championship in 2005 and was named an Academic All-American in 2008. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 2009 NFL Draft and went on to play six seasons in the NFL. He retired in 2015, returned to the University of Texas and received his MBA from the McCombs School of Business in 2017. Prior to founding All Purpose Sports Advisory (APSA), Chris has worked in private banking for JP Morgan and business development for the National Football League.


During his 6 seasons in the NFL. Chris saw many players dealing with emotional distress caused by the fear of their playing days coming to a close. He noticed a severe knowledge gap among his peers when it came to personal financial management and fiscal responsibility. During his MBA program at McCombs, he shared these experiences and presented ideas to Dr. John Burrows, University of Texas professors Rob Adams and Stephen Courter, and his business school cohort on solutions to improve athlete transitions. From here, he developed a suite of advisory and concierge services that include but aren’t limited to educating athletes at all levels on how to manage their money, making smart investment decisions, and building new careers after their sports playing days are over. Based on successes working with professional athletes and at the Big 12 SAAC, Chris began looking for opportunities to help other athletic conferences to improve transitioning or post-playing outcomes for athletes everywhere.




"Chris and I have always had a special bond from our high school days in Houston, collegiate career at UT, our NFL career and now in life after football. Amongst my peers, Chris always was ahead of the game when it came to business, learning development, and did this while also competing at the highest level on the football field.


I truly believe All-Purpose Sports will help develop student and professional athletes on the field, and also help them excel off the field. Investments, finding the right financial institution, portfolios, budgeting, and decision-making all will become enhanced under Chris’s guidance. I wish All-Purpose was available during my time starting out in football, but now the future is here!"


Pro Bowl NFL Linebacker






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